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Basic things you need to know about garage door motors

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Jun 23, 2022 Posted by: admin Garage Door Installation

Installing a new opener and motor is a simple, pricey method to enhance your garage. Even if equipment appears to be in good working order, modern technology has clarified why upgrading is always a good decision. The newer ones are quieter, and they are also less energy-intensive. Furthermore, most modern Garage Doors Motors in Camden have Wi-Fi or smartphone connectivity, much like everything else. The motor significantly impacts the garage door’s operation and functionality. Because motors are the heart of any machinery, you should keep them in good working order to ensure that your machines run smoothly. You must focus on adequate maintenance for a motor to operate better. Here you can see the important things you need to know about garage door motors:

Wi-Fi and smartphone connectivity come standard

This has already been noted, but it takes repeating. All garage door opener models on the market today include built-in or optional Wi-Fi connectivity. This allows you to connect your garage door to your phone via an app that monitors your door and lets you control it from anywhere.

Types of motor

People are probably most familiar with AC (alternating current) motors. For the length of the opening and closing of the door, these motors run at the same speed. This may result in some additional noise, but most people will not notice. DC motors use direct current and regulate speed by slowing down at first, then speeding up and slowing down when the door approaches the ground. This technique is less energetic, although both are effective.

Motors arrive in various power capacities or sizes

Both AC and DC motors have many possibilities for how much force they can deliver. Despite minor differences, the two DC alternatives are broadly equivalent to the 12 and 34 AC variants. This is measured in horsepower and is available in 13, 12, and 34 HP for AC motors. The pressure in DC motors is measured in newtons. Models in the 500 and 700-newton range are available.


You can check its balance by releasing the red safety rope and physically opening the garage door. Allow it to open for about four feet and observe if it moves. A little bouncing is generally not a problem, but if the door begins to swing in one direction or the other as you let go, it is unbalanced.

Motors lift heavy loads

Even though your door appears light, the motor power is sufficient to crush items or people. This is why current door systems have sensors to prevent them from shutting if something is in the way. Disengage the automatic opener and contact a certified garage technician if your sensors stop working.

Installation and working process

Do you want to know if your spring system is properly balanced? The garage door must be closed first. After that, you should disconnect the opener. Pull the door up to about midway between the floor and the ceiling. Allow it to rest in that posture and see whether it moves independently. A garage door that shoots open or falls quickly to the earth, on the other hand, is imbalanced. This indicates that your spring system isn’t functioning properly. If this is the case, you should contact one of your Garage Door’s garage door technicians to resolve the situation.

Available up to five horsepower

The majority of commercial doors are larger and heavier than residential doors. As a result, Garage Doors Motors in Camden are available in standard and optional sizes ranging from four to five horsepower overall. A 12-HP motor is suitable for a single door in the usual home opener. Upgrade to a 34 HP motor if you have a larger or double door for enhanced performance.

Look at longevity, too

Commercial doors are typically larger and heavier than residential doors. As a result, motors are available in standard and optional sizes ranging from four to five horsepower total. A typical household opener has a 12 HP motor, which is adequate for a single door. If you have a larger or double door, you should consider upgrading to a 34 HP motor for improved performance. Buying a high-power engine based on the door weight will ensure that it lasts many years.


You should not purchase a more expensive garage door motor simply because it is available. As with any major investment, you should comprehend what you are paying for. Before making your final decision, find out what features or specifications cause a model to cost more than others. Models with adaptable parts and optional accessories, such as smartphone connectivity, will be worth the extra money if that is what you want.

Wrapping it up

Hopefully, you will learn a lot about the important things you need to know about garage door motors. If you buy Garage Doors Motors in Camdenyou should think about these things, and you need to make the buying decision.

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