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If you would like a garage door lock on your new garage door it can be accommodated, that is if you are not installing a garage door remote at the original time of installation. But you also have the choice of not having an outside lock (purely for the look) when you are installing a garage door motor as the motor locks the door from the inside and in case you have no internal access we can install a key release in case of a power outage.

Garage Door Openers

The push of a button from the comfort of your car is all it takes to open and close your garage door. This is a real benefit in the colder months, when it's raining or when you're coming home late, this can give you security without getting out of your car.

We provide a range of brands for garage door openers:

and ATA

You can have up to 3 garage door remote controls for a sectional overhead motor, one for you, your partner and a zapper for the kids (as they like to call it) all in the one price. But if you need more you can purchase them at an extra cost.

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You will get two garage door remotes with your roller door opener but you can also purchase more remotes if required.

The beauty is that even if there is a Blackout you can still use your garage door opener manually, by disengaging the motor with a simple mechanism.

Boss roller door operator
Boss sectional overhead operator
Merlin Garage door operator
Marantec C 220 sectional overhead motor


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What our customers say

Dear Steel-line Manager,

Just wanted to drop a quick email and give credit where credit is due. Paul from Five Star Door Service who came out to fix up the garage door did a fantastic job and the door is now what we expected. We can enter and leave the garage without risk of injury as the door height is the same as the opening. The door does not scrape the brickwork and the screws are the correct size. An overall professional job and we would thoroughly recommend Paul.


Jackie McHenry


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